Nerd Alert - New Blog Delivery Service

...This Email Looks Different

At least we hope it does! 

Just so you know, we've changed our blog's email delivery service. We will now be using a service called MailChimp. They're an industry standard when it comes to this type of thing. 

The hope is that it will change nothing about your subscription experience except that things look a little cleaner and clearer.  (Speaking of clearer, we updated our website. Check it out. We hope it makes your experience a little easier.)

Don't worry - you're still not going to get any spam, and your email address is safe with us (and MailChimp). 

Here are the 2 things we would ask: 

  1. Please be patient! We hope this doesn't cause any complications, but if it does, just know that we're working hard to fix it. If you get an extra email or two in the next couple days as we try to solve it - we're sorry! 
  2. Please be honest! We love feedback. If there is something that isn't working for you in this method of communication, just let us know! We take suggestions HERE, and we take 'em on any topic you want to give 'em!