Parent Cue: January 27, 2016

Parent Cue

Tonight at Nitro and Fusion, we're continuing our series called For the Win. 

THIS blog has a recap of what the series is all about (in detail), but basically we're looking through the book of Proverbs for ideas about how to WIN in various areas of life. We want to see what God's Word has to say about choosing the wise path in every facet of our existence. 

We're Teaching This:

Tonight, we're going to be especially emphasizing how God doesn't just call us to be good - He calls us to believe the Gospel (the truth that Jesus died for us, in our place, and took the punishment for our sins). Without our desire to please God being rooted in the fact that we have already been forgiven (and we could never earn God's favor), it's just a waste of energy! 

In other words, living for the Win is only eternally beneficial because Jesus already Won. We aren't called to staple good fruit on a dead tree. We need to fix and address the issue of the heart, or we'll never truly be pleasing to God. 

Tonight's Bottom Line: Doing Takes you where Talking Won't. 

Proverbs 14:23 says, "All hard work brings profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty." 

As we attempt to please God (because of what He's done for us), it's not enough to just talk about growth: we've got to make a plan and do something about it! Whether it's in relationship to our grades, our sports, our spiritual growth, our serving or our next steps, doing takes you where talking won't! 

Ask This: 

  1. What was the bottom line tonight?
  2. Why is it so easy to get caught up in just trying to "be better" instead of addressing our hearts? 
  3. What's an area of your life where you need to change your "shoulda" to "gonna"? 
  4. How could I help you in starting to plan to act rather than just talking about it? 
  5. Is there a next step you need to take in your spiritual growth? (Baptism, Membership, Serving). Our website has information on each of those next steps! Just go to the "Next Steps" menu on the homepage (or click the next step you're most interested in!)

Watch This: 

THIS short video (seen below) is of Paul David Tripp (author, speaker) talking about Behaviorism in Parenting. He talks about the very ideas we're going to be going over tonight - addressing issues of the heart is most important! Controlling behavior (even though tempting) cannot be the goal. 

If you want more resources from Paul David Tripp on parenting (and we think you SHOULD want as many as you can get!) you can check out his website HERE

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