Parent Cue: January 6, 2016

Welcome back to a normal schedule here at NYM! The holiday season is crazy for everyone, and we've been all over the place for the past month or so, but tonight you can breathe easy - we're meeting every Wednesday from now until Summer! 

Tonight, we're going to be beginning a new 2 week series in Nitro and Fusion all about the Bible. We're going to be helping students see why God's Word matters and then giving them practical steps about how to read it properly. 

Tonight's Bottom Line is this: God only wrote one book: Read it! 

In so many areas of our life, the why motivates what we do. When we are convinced that there is a sufficient WHY for doing something, we'll do what it takes to get it done. That same thing is true in regards to reading the Bible. Many students (and adults) simply don't understand why reading the Bible and interacting with it on a regular basis is so vitally important. Tonight, we'll be giving our best pitch for why daily interaction with God's Word has a huge why standing behind it - it's literally the words of God! Beyond that, it is capable of showing us what's right, what's wrong, how to get right and how to stay right. We are praying that students will walk away with a sense that there are incredible reasons why reading God's Word is a vital part of their daily life. 

Here are some questions you could ask your student:

  • What are your Bible reading habits like? Why do you think that is?
  • Why is it important to read the Bible? 
  • What are some of the things that make it hard for you to read the Bible regularly? What could I do to help make those issues go away? 
  • Make a Plan: Work with your student to come up with a place, a time and a plan for reading their Bible. In fact, maybe you should do those same things for your own life! You would be surprised how motivating it could be for your student to watch their parent walk through the habit development process! 

There are lots of great articles about Bible Reading. Check out THIS one and the others that are linked on the page. Why not make 2016 the year when you make Bible reading a regular part of your life, and help your student to do the same? 

Aaron HixsonComment