Parent Follow Up - 10 with the TXT

Last night at NYM we discussed the question Why Read the Bible? We are praying that your student walked away with a strong sense of how wildly important the Bible is to their spiritual growth. 

We also issued a 40 day challenge - 10 with the TXT. 

We challenged every person in NYM to spend 10 minutes a day in the Bible for 40 days. To keep us all together, we are recommending THIS plan from the YouVersion Bible app called "The Story." This plan is great because it takes select Bible passages and enables the reader to get a big picture sense of the flow of the Bible from beginning to end. 

In just 10 minutes a day, you and your student could come to grasp how God's story begins and will someday end - a story that we are a part of writing! 

Whether you use the audio bible feature in the YouVersion Bible app (like we recommended to students to help keep their attention focused) or you just choose to read it "old school style", we can't stress enough how beneficial it would be for you to walk alongside your student for these 40 days. Just so that you know, even if you or your student doesn't have a smart phone, you can access this plan and other great resources online HERE

Just start asking - Did you spend your 10 with the TXT? 

Aaron HixsonComment