Parent Cue - October 12, 2016

Parent Cue

THANKS FOR COMING TO BYOP! We had over 80 parents join us, and we loved watching parents partnering in relationship with SGLs - essentially, it EMBODIED what a win looks like for us! 

Please let us know what your impressions were! We have a long list of improvements we'd like to make for next time, but we want your thoughts if you're interested in sharing them! 


Tonight, we're continuing in our series called BRANDED. We're all known for something. What is Christianity known for? More importantly, what should it be known for? What can we as INDIVIDUALS and as a CHURCH do to change the perception so that we're known for something like... following Jesus? 

We're Teaching This:

We're Teaching This:

Christianity has come to be synonymous with "judgmental" in many people's eyes. Some Christians assume that means we're doing a good job of "standing up for truth," and others feel it's time to cave to the pressure. So what can we do to overcome the perception that we CONDEMN without UNDERSTANDING? 

The best way we can do this is to UNDERSTAND and REFLECT the heart of God. In Amos 5, God corrects the people of Israel for following the rules without understanding His Heart - His desire was for them to be RIGHTEOUS and love JUSTICE, but all they were doing was checking the religious boxes. 

If we're going to reflect the heart of God, we need to LEAD WITH LOVE and LEAD OTHERS OUT OF DARKNESS. Then, we will be able to show people that we genuinely care but we also want what is eternally best for them. 


Ask This:

Ask This:

Here are some questions you could ask your student about tonight's content: 

  1. Why do some people think Christians are judgmental? 
  2. What do people mean when they say someone is judgmental? (Answer: They are CONDEMNING without UNDERSTANDING)
  3. How do we ensure that our APPROACH doesn't prevent the TRUTH from being heard? 
  4. What could it look like for you to LEAD WITH LOVE in your relationships at school? 
  5. What steps could we take this week to LEAD OTHERS OUT OF THE DARKNESS?
  6. Parent: Share about a time in your life when you were able to have an influence on a person far from God and lead them toward Jesus.