Fun Fact, Helpful Thoughts

Fun Fact

You know how we've said that we hope Party Nights represent an easy invite opportunity for students? Well.. at least on Wednesday, it seems like that was true. 

Because we had 15 first-time guests at our Flannel Party! (If you want to see some photos, check #NYMFlannelParty on Instagram). 

You know when we also said that we broke our all-time attendance record? That was last week, and we had 141 students. But at the Flannel Party, we broke that record again. 

We had 164 Students there on Wednesday Night! That's a reason to get excited! Students are living Pi2 lives, our SGLs are making students feel accepted, and God is on the move. THANK YOU for being part of it! 

Helpful Thoughts

Justin Laskowski is our NYM Project Manager. Simply put, he does... a lot. But on the side, he loves to write, and he's really good at it. His blog (found at is full of insightful, encouraging, and challenging original content. 

I (Aaron) found THIS blog titled Copycat that Justin wrote especially helpful. It captures the heart of relational influence and the power it can have in changing the course of a life. 

We tell our SGLs all the time that if they're going to lead students well, they need to be putting into practice the things they hope students will do. It's one of the reasons our SGLs need to be attending church, serving, in a community group and living Pi2. We can't lead students where we aren't going personally. If you think about it.. that applies to parenting too, right?

I'd love for you to read Justin's blog, but imagine that HE is writing as your student. In the blog, he talks about a leader (Brent) who had a profound relational influence on him. Read the blog as if that leader is your child's SGL (Small Group Leader). What wouldn't you give to have these kinds of words come out of your son or daughter? What wouldn't you give to have people like Brent in your child's life? Wouldn't it be amazing to have someone in your corner who was working hard to use their relational credibility to make a spiritual difference in your kid? 

That's why we have SGLs. To partner with you in raising kids that have an authentic faith that connects with everyday life. 

It doesn't matter if we have 164 or 564 students if they aren't connecting with a small group and an SGL that will influence them toward Jesus. 

We promise that we won't stop making that our goal. Would you partner with us?