Parent Cue - October 5, 2016

Parent Cue

We're kicking off a BRAND NEW SERIES called BRANDED. Justin Laskowski will be teaching to all NYM students while PARENTS hear from Joe Ferrante and Aaron Hixson during BYOParent Night! 

You're welcome to join us! No RSVP necessary, we want EVERY NYM Parent to come meet their child's SGL (Small Group Leader)! 


We're all known for something. What is Christianity known for? Is it good things? Bad things? Politics? Mercy and Grace? We all know that sometimes Christianity is misrepresented, but sometimes we get what we deserve. What can we as INDIVIDUALS and as a CHURCH do to change the perception so that we're known for something like... following Jesus? 

In this 3-part series, we'll explore ways to make sure we're BRANDED for the right reasons. 

We're Teaching This:

We're Teaching This:

Did you know Jesus prayed for the unity of ALL believers in John 17? Essentially, long before you and I were born, Jesus prayed for us. Then why is it that Christians seems so.. well, not-unified, sometimes? Tonight, we're discussing the concept of unity in the church and challenging students to "agree wholeheartedly" with one another (Philippians 2:2). As long as we are pulling in different directions we are never going to have the impact as a group that we could have if we were all pulling in the same direction and cheering each other on.


Ask This:

Ask This:

Rather than our "standard" questions related to our content, we thought these might be more appropriate since you just got a change to interact with your child's SGL..

...these are questions your student should ask YOU! 

  1. What's your favorite thing about my SGL? 
  2. What is something that impresses you about my SGL? 
  3. What is something we could to do HONOR and THANK my SGL? 
  4. How can we be praying for my SGL? 
  5. Why is it so important that SGLs and parents be on the same page?