Tomorrow is the Day


Tomorrow is the day we leave for THE WKEND 2016! 

Of course, as a reminder, we'll need a Guest Consent Form from every student who is going! 

General Details

If you have NOT paid the remaining balance for the registration fee, please click HERE and do so. We are receiving all balance payments online (just select "remaining balance" in the drop-down menu). We will have a computer at the registration table to facilitate this on the day we leave. 

Arrival Time - 4pm on Friday, October 7th, Irondequoit Campus (2052 Saint Paul St., Irondequoit). We'll provide dinner before we leave! 

Return Time - by 8pm on Sunday, October 9th. 

Teaching Content: We will teaching a series called Forward Motion, discussing the nuts and bolts of spiritual growth. We'll tell you more about that tomorrow in another blog post.

Packing List:

  • Warm clothes for outdoor activity with Autumn temperatures expected
  • Toiletries
  • A Swim Suit for the Hot Tub
  • A Bible and Pen
  • Money for 1 meal on the road (on the way home on Sunday)
  • Sleeping bags/pillows/blankets are NOT necessary! The camp provides clean bedding for each student.