Departure Day (And What We're Teaching)


And, we're off! 

Please come to the church at 4pm, we are earnestly trying to leave as soon as possible. If things happen and you know you'll be later than expected, please communicate with us! 


  • You can find packing lists HERE.
  • If you have not yet paid your remaining balance, you can do so HERE
  • If you have not yet filled out a medical consent form, you can get one HERE. (We'll have them available at the registration desk). 

What We're Teaching

So many times we look at our lives with great expectation, thinking we should be leaps from where we are. We expect perfection. We expect to arrive at some level. The reality is that following Christ isn’t about leaping to instant perfection. We’re walking with Him daily—a walk that involves steps, not leaps. Following Jesus Christ is about the small steps we make every day—steps of obedience, steps in relationship with Him. Sometimes those steps are small, sometimes they are big—but they are all still steps, moving us forward.

  • Session One (Friday Night) - Following Christ is about STEPS, not LEAPS
  • Session Two (Saturday AM) - Wondering which steps to take? FOLLOW THE LEADER (The Holy Spirit)
  • Session Three (Saturday PM) - Christ-Followers are Cross-Bearers (It's a radical call to DIE in pursuit of the obedience)
  • Session Four (Sunday AM) - Celebrate Growth in Others (And Yourself)