Parent Cue - November 9, 2016

Parent Cue

What We're Teaching:

We're continuing in our series called Battlefield, talking about the conflict that is inevitable in relationships. 

Tonight's focus will be on the great escalator in every conflict - Anger. Most of the time when a conflict goes from a disagreement to dysfunctional, anger got involved at some point! Because of that reality, we tend to think of anger as an enemy to having peaceful relationships.

However, as we look at God's word, we're going to see that anger is simply a warning light - an indicator that our goals are being blocked by our circumstances. But that gives us the chance to ask the question - What do I want most in this situation? To Please God or myself? 

Our response to anger is really the problem. The initial emotion of anger provides us the chance to respond in a way that pleases God or in a way that pleases ourselves. 

In other words (and this is tonight's bottom line): 

Our response to anger can keep us out of danger

Ask This:

  1. What is the way you tend to respond to anger? Yelling? Silent Treatment? Sarcasm? 
  2. What are the kinds of things that make you angry on a regular basis? 
  3. How does the emotion of anger help us identify the things that matter most to us? (Answer: We get angry when we don't get what we want - so whatever makes us angry points a finger directly at what matters MOST in our hearts)
  4. Do you need to focus on PAUSE, IDENTIFY, EXPRESS or RELEASE when it comes to your response to anger? 
  5. What relationship do you think you should focus on when it comes to controlling your anger?
  6. Parent: Share a story of a time when your sinful response to anger led you to a place that you regret. Then, share the benefits of choosing to handle anger God's way.