FYI on Snow Camp Registration

3 Big Things


Nitro Snow Camp is officially 100% sold out! We hit our capacity over the weekend, so registration has been closed down. On one hand, that makes us REALLY excited - we have a LOT of students going! On the other hand, it makes us sad - we have had to say no to students who wanted to jump in. We're sorry to those families that missed out, but we're hoping you'll be able to join us for the next round of awesome events! For those that are going, expect another "Final Details" reminder on Thursday morning! 


Remaining Balances should be paid online. If you still owe the remaining balance ($50), you can click HERE and complete that payment. All payments are due by the day your trip departs. We do accept cash/check at the registration table, however it makes life easier (for us and probably for you too) if that is handled online. If you're unsure if you owe a balance, you can contact Jenn Congdon (Master of all NYM Details) and she'll let you know! (


Fusion (High School) Snow Camp is still accepting registrations! Our extended deadline for High School runs until FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5. If our experience with registration has taught us anything it is that people love to wait until that last minute, however the risk that you take in doing that is that we could run out of space (as evidenced by Nitro's trip!). So please don't delay! That deadline will be a very firm one! If you want to go, get registered by clicking here NOW