Teaching on Sex at NYM

Tough Topic Alert

We try to do our best to let you know what's going on inside of NYM each and every week. Through our blog, we post Parent Cues every week. These give you a sense of the main idea of what we're teaching (without drowning you in detail) and give you some suggestions of discussion questions for the ride home on Wednesday nights. We publish these each Wednesday morning to make it most convenient for you. 

In this case, we're wanting you to know that in about 1 month we'll be beginning a 3-week series on Sex. This series will run March 2, 9 and 16. 

Back in September at our Parent Orientation Breakfast we mentioned that this series was going to be coming up, and here it is! 


You might be wondering why we would warn you or why we would teach on this. Here's our thinking. 

We're warning you because we know that (especially in Jr. High) there can be a pretty significant maturity difference between different students. And some parents might not have had "the talk" with their student yet. So, we want you to know that... if you haven't done it yet.. you have about a month until we're going to be addressing it. 

We're teaching on it because it's a HUGE issue facing students today. From pornography on smart phones to sexting and the temptations coming from dating relationships, they are hearing about sex from someone. We want to make sure they hear about it from God's Word. 


What are we going to be teaching? Don't worry, we aren't going to be graphic. This isn't going to be a biology lesson, or a substitute for "the birds and the bees." We're convinced that's a parent's job, and it's one to be taken seriously.

Here's what we're going to be teaching. Oh, and by the way, Jr. High and High School will always be separate on this topic. We'll keep it age appropriate. 

  1. Week One: Personal Purity. We're going to be discussing the importance and practical side of what sex was designed to be, and how we can pursue purity as an individual. Pornography will definitely be discussed. 
  2. Week Two: Purity in Relationships. This will be all about the importance and practical side of maintaining purity in relationships with others (significant others, etc). Our goal will be convince students that purity paves the way to intimacy. 
  3. Week Three: Panel on Purity. We'll separate guys/girls and hear from some Small Group Leaders who can share victories and struggles on this tough topic. We want God to redeem our stories and make them have an impact on students. 

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask them! We will do our best to get some resources out there about having "The Talk" and thinking about sexuality with your students. In the meantime... just know that we're here to help you be the best parents you can be. We want to be your biggest ally in raising kids who love Jesus!