Weather Update - Urgent!

Weather Update - Snow Camp

We've worked through a lot of different scenarios, but here's the bottom line: 

  • Snow Camp is still on! 
  • We are driving an alternate route to avoid the Lake Effect Snow/Wind in the Buffalo area and on Interstate 90
  • There are very cold temperatures predicted for tomorrow (Saturday). We will be limiting outdoor activity to monitored segments of time, and requiring sufficient protective clothing. 
  • Should there be any significant change in the weather reports related to our route, we will update you again. For now, we do not anticipate further changes. 

Here's what we need from you:

  1. Flexibility. Our #1 concern is the safety of students. If we feel (even at the last minute) that traveling would be unwise, we will not travel. Please be understanding of that sort of a decision, knowing that the last thing we want is to miss out on this event. 
  2. Promptness. We want to leave as soon as we can in order to ensure that we can travel slowly and carefully and still arrive on time. The sooner you can arrive to the church, the better! LUGGAGE should be dropped at the Trailer, then STUDENTS AND PARENTS should check in at the registration Table inside. 
  3. Careful, Smart Packing. It is going to be very cold this weekend. It is absolutely necessary that students pack gloves, hats, warm coats, boots and other protective gear. We will take no chances on students being outdoors without proper clothing! Remember, beanies will be issued at registration, but students should still pack an extra hat. 

See you at 4:00pm!