Glow Party Recap - RECORD NIGHT

It Was So Hype

If you're wondering how NYM GLOW was, just hop on Facebook or Instagram and search #NYMGLOW - you'll get the jist. 

Not only was it crazy fun, we saw 3 NYM Attendance Records Shattered! 

  1. Overall, we had 123 students at NYM GLOW! That's the most students we've ever had on a single NYM Night! In fact, it beat the record by 11 students, and it's a 63% increase over our total attendance number on February 22, 2015. 
  2. Nitro had 66 students! That's the most Nitro Students we've ever had in a single week, and it's more students than we had COMBINED on February 15, 2015! Nitro ALONE beat NYM combined! That's INSANE! 
  3. Fusion had 6 brand new students. That's the most new students Fusion has ever had in a single week EVER! In fact, it almost matches the highest number we've ever had in any 2 weeks combined! 

Basically, we are STOKED about how NYM GLOW went, and here's what these numbers tell us - Our students are living out a Pi2 life! They are praying, investing and inviting like crazy, and we could not be more proud of that effort! God is using it! 

We say it all the time, but fun is a relational bridge to trust. When Small Group Leaders dress crazy and go wild at a party with their students, the impact it has is seen in an honest conversation possibly months down the road in their group. The student's willingness to be open and share stems back to a time when having fun with that leader proved they were worth of their relational trust! 

That's why we have fun at NYM - TONS OF FUN! In the end, it's all for More and Better. 

For your viewing pleasure, check out THIS video below. It's basically amazing. We dare you to try to watch it only once!