Final Details: Fusion Leaves Tomorrow!

Final Details

Are you stoked?! Because we're stoked! 

We've got nearly 40 students going, and we're joining up with 3 other churches for a packed out experience at Bethany Camp!

So here's what you need to know: 


  • Where: The Irondequoit Campus (2052 Saint Paul St., Rochester, NY)
  • When: 4:00pm
  • What: Please head to the gym doors (where the trailer will be). Students can put their luggage in the pile by the trailer, and then both parents and students should head to the registration table inside. There, we will verify that all payment and paper work is in order. 
  • Payment: If you have a remaining balance, you can pay it online HERE. Cash/checks are accepted at the registration table, but it's easier for us (and probably you) if it is handled online. 
  •  Food: Once students are registered, they should head to the kitchen area to get some pizza and water. Parents are free to leave at that point, however, if you hang around we will do a final pep talk before we pull out. 


  • No extra money is required for this trip. We will not eat any meals on the road, and students will have plenty to eat during camp. Any extra money will be for snacks/souvenirs if desired.
  • Snow is on its way (at least we're hoping so)! Pack appropriately. Weather report for the camp HERE
  • THIS page has a more extensive packing list (although it's pretty straightforward!) 
  • Unlike the Fall Retreat, BEDDING IS NECESSARY. Please pack for the weather. 


  • Where: The Irondequoit Campus (2052 Saint Paul St., Rochester, NY)
  • When: We will return by 4:00pm. It's important that parents are ready to go for pick up, as we've got a bunch of tired students (and adults!) by that point on Sunday. Should anything change will our arrival time (early or late) we will allow students to contact parents via their phones or Small Group Leaders' phones. 

What We're Teaching

We're excited to have Danny Howard be our speaker this year. He's the Student Ministries Pastor at Parker Hill Community Church. They are a multi-site church in the Scranton PA area. He's a dynamic speaker, loves students, and will be sure to connect God's word to our students in an engaging way. 

He's going to be answering the questions, Who am I? Who is Jesus? and What should I do about it? In the end, we all have next steps. We have a new direction to head in, a fresh start to begin, or one simple step of obedience - and it all comes back to the answer to those basic questions. 

We can't wait to see what God does! 

Can't wait! See you tomorrow!