Fusion is getting outta here today! 

Please drop off students at 4:00pm at the Irondequoit Campus, and make your remaining balance payments ASAP! Also, please bring any paperwork you might be lacking (we will have contacted you if that's the case). 

Remember, we're providing pizza at registration, so your student does NOT need to eat dinner before they arrive! Unless they don't like pizza... in which case, there are other problems that need addressing :) 

Packing Questions? Click HERE 

Weather Concerns

We are watching the weather patterns between here are Sinclairville. We plan to keep an eye on how things develop, and make a decision about what would be safest. 

Please keep an eye on this blog. We will update you the moment we make a decision, and this blog will be how we do it. If you blog is delivered via email, just know that we only have the capability to deliver blogs on the hour. So to be sure that you have the latest information, just head to northridgeyouth.com.