MORE Records?!

Yeah, More Records! 

Once again we broke records last night! 

Overall attendance was 123 - tied with NYMGLOW for our highest attendance ever! AMAZING! 

But Nitro had 70 students - That is the 3rd week in a row they have topped their own attendance record! At NYMGLOW they had 66 students, the following week they had 68 and last night they had 70! 

God is working to make More and Better disciples at NYM!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS as we continue to chase our mission together! 


This is the time of year when we start recruiting new Small Group Leaders in a serious way. Do you know of anyone who loves students that would be a good fit for our team?

You can guarantee them that they'll be in the middle of the amazing stuff that God is doing at NYM, and working with a team that loves serving together! 

If you know someone like that, just show them THIS video and then send them to THIS link. We love seeing who God brings our way to serve!