Sex Is... Series Recap


We are hoping that our series on sex and sexuality has created some good conversations and growth moments in your family. 

Our goal is always to provide and fun, engaging environment for your students where The Bible is taught clearly and in a way that is easy to apply. But in the end, God has given parents the responsibility of raising kids that love Jesus. That's why we're all about partnering WITH you and giving you all the resources we possibly can. 

As a wrap-up to our series, the video below (or found HERE) gives some AMAZINGLY helpful content for thinking Biblically about sex and TALKING PRACTICALLY about sex with your children. 

If you prefer a written format, THIS PDF has the same material, just in print form. 

We're praying this helped. If we can be of assistance in ANY WAY, please don't hesitate to reach out! 

Also, we mentioned to your students last night that they should check out the resources we posted a few weeks ago. If you haven't had a chance to go over some of the resources options from THIS blog, just know that they might come asking! We would highly recommending grabbing one resource and running with it!