Parent Cue - March 16, 2016

Parent Cue

This is What We're Teaching: 

Tonight, in both Nitro and Fusion, we'll be having a panel of Small Group Leaders sharing their personal story of struggles and victory in the area of purity. 

These panels will be separated by group (Nitro and Fusion) and gender. Our goal in sharing stories is to help students see that all of us have faced battles in this area of our lives! It is really important to us that students see Small Group Leaders as great role models but not perfect people. We've all made mistakes, but God redeems our stories and uses them to influence other people toward Godliness! 

We've selected the people on the panel to ensure that we represent people from various backgrounds and with differing experiences in order to connect with as many students as possible. 

Would you please pray that our communicators share openly, clear and with a strong emphasis on God's great grace? 

Ask This: 

  1. Stories are powerful. Maybe this is your chance to share your story of redemption with your student. Where did you struggle? How did you gain victory? 
  2. What story did you most connect with? 
  3. Why did you connect with what story? 
  4. What advice did you hear tonight that you want to remember? 
  5. Did you hear anything that surprised you? How did you respond to that? 
  6. What parts of your story do you want God to redeem? 
  7. How can we keep the door of communication open on this tough topic?