Last Night - Records and Recordings

We <3 Wednesday Night

MORE Attendance Records! 

Last Night, we had 121 students at NYM! That's only 2 less than our all-time record (which happened last week at GLOW). 

But Nitro broke their all-time attendance record AGAIN! They surpassed last week (66) by having 68 total NItro Students! We keep running out of chairs...this is the best problem EVER! Students are living Pi2, and we're praising God for opportunities to introduce more students to Jesus! 


We said that we would record the talks last night, and we did our best to follow through on that promise. Unfortunately, we had some technical issues at Nitro that prevented that talk from being recorded. If you have specific questions about what was addressed, we'd love to answer them. We're sorry about that! 

If you want to listen to the talk from Fusion, just click HERE

Thanks for giving us a chance to walk alongside you and your students in this area!