Parent Cue - March 9, 2016

Parent Cue

We're Teaching This

As we said last week, our goal is to equip students to handle their sexuality in a way that please God. 

Last week was all about Personal Purity, and this week is all about Purity in Relationships. We understand that this is different for 6th graders and 12th graders. 

In Nitro...

We're going to be giving the following as a Practical Game-Plan for victory with Purity. 

  1. Don't Compromise Your Heart
  2. Don't Fight it, RUN! (1 Corinthians 6:18)
  3. Don't Ignore Wisdom from Others
  4. Fill yourself with Christ
  5. View People through God's Eyes 

In Fusion...

We'll be discussing general Biblical parameters for dating, and emphasizing that the Bible has a lot to say about sexual immorality which directly affects our dating relationships. It is in dating that most sexual immorality occurs, so we have to be on guard. 

But it would be easy to ask, what counts as sexual immorality? We'll be emphasizing that it is about our minds before it's about our bodies. Lust is the real enemy! But practically speaking, the question is not "how far can we go" but what's the best path to the best experience of sexuality. The answer? Purity Paves the way to Intimacy. 

Our bodies are not our own, so we must glorify God with them (1 Corinthians 6:18). We'll get really practical about tips you can keep in mind for honoring God when you're dating, but the big take-away is that we must believe that the best path to the best expression of sexuality is God's path of purity. 

Ask This

  1. Purity in relationships is tough. As a parent, maybe you could share some of your story in this area to get the conversation started. 
  2. Did you hear anything that surprised you tonight? 
  3. What does it mean that "Purity paves the way to intimacy"? 
  4. What things could we put in place for your dating relationship (or future ones) to ensure that you please God in that area? 
  5. How would you evaluate your dating relationship when it comes to purity right now? 
  6. Purity begins with ME not WE - Why do you think it's important to be pure at a personal level in order to be pure in a dating relationship?