Parent Cue - April 13, 2016

Parent Cue

We're Teaching This: 

We're kicking off a brand new, 3 week series called The Comparison Trap. 

Have you ever heard of a win-win outcome? Comparison is the opposite of that. When we look to our left and our right to compare ourselves to others, we are engaging in a lose-lose activity. And, we may not even realize how destructive it is.

Being smart-er or funny-er or awesome-er may feel like a short-term win, but for ourselves, our friends, and our family, comparison is a game with no winners. King Solomon was wise-er (not to mention rich-er, cool-er, and powerful-er) than anyone around him. And what he says about all of it may come as a surprise. Through his words, we find that real satisfaction may not come from winning the game of comparison, but from bowing out of the competition altogether.

Bottom Line: There is no win in Comparison. 

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll share some ideas that might help you win the battle with comparison in your life at home as well - especially when it comes to the world of parenting! 

Ask This: 

  1. What was the bottom line tonight?
  2. What does it mean that there is "no win" in comparison? 
  3. Who do you tend to compare yourself to? Why have you chosen them as the standard? 
  4. When you compare, what makes you feel superior? What makes you feel dumb? 
  5. What would it take for you to stop the comparison game?