How to get more than 40 Hours from Northridge Church

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On Sunday mornings at Northridge Church, we've been going through a series called Parental Guidance Required. One of the main points of the first few weeks was the reality that God has given the responsibility of raising godly kids to PARENTS not the CHURCH. While we want to do everything we can to HELP, it's ultimately the job of parents. 

To help understand the immense power of influential parents, David made the point that the average kid at Northridge Church gets 40 hours of annual influence time from the church and over 3,000 hours annually from their parents. (The picture below is the gum ball illustration... That's a lot of gum balls). 

So, what could you do if you wanted MORE from us? What if you as a parent wanted to get MORE than 40 hours of influence? What if you wanted MORE help than that? What if you felt that you needed MORE input from our church, leaders, volunteers and staff? 

Then here's our secret tip. 

Multiple times a year, we offer opportunities for all of our students to go on retreats. These retreats are a minimum of 36 hours long. They're full of fun, relationship-building, spiritual discussions and memory-making: in other words, our retreats are just long stretches of influence hours. 

If your student attends ROC MTN, you will double our church's annual average influence hours in the life of that student.**


That means for $125, you get TWICE AS MUCH SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE FROM NORTHRIDGE CHURCH in the life of your child.

If we're honest, we can't think of a better way to spend $125. 

Can you? Twice as much relational influence from godly leaders. Twice as much encouragement to pursue faith in everyday life. Twice as much motivation to take next steps.

We've probably said enough. You can start the registration process by clicking below. The deposit is $60. Don't wait anymore. Double our influence. Get registered today

** If your High School Student attend the week-long Teen Leadership Conference...that's a lot of hours. Like 120 by the end of the event. And it's $325. That's $2.70 per hour of spiritual influence. Sounds worth it! (Plus food, lodging, games, swag...)