Student Baptism Class - Last Call

Student Baptism Service

This Wednesday is the deadline for baptism application - we really want to have AS MANY STUDENTS AS POSSIBLE get baptized at our Student Baptism Service on June 15th. 

The Process for getting baptized is pretty straight forward (and you it's found HERE). 

But we know that sometimes it's the little things that get in people's way. 

We want to take away every excuse. 

That's why this coming Wednesday night (May 18th) we'll be having a brief baptism class during Small Groups. This class will be open to any student who wants to know more about baptism. 

During that 30 minute window, we'll meet in the lobby and just talk through WHAT SALVATION IS and WHAT BAPTISM MEANS. Essentially, we'll be covering the content found in the videos that are a part of the baptism process through the website. 

Once we go over those, we'll be giving students a chance to restate that content in their own words to some adults. This will accelerate their ability to go through the baptism process and allow them to fill out an application on Wednesday night when they get home. 

We're hoping this helps make it possible for EVERY student who is a Christ-follower to take that next step.