Parent Cue - May 18, 2016

Parent Cue

We are in the last week of our series KNOW GOD. 

For the last few weeks, we've been talking about God's character, but we were focusing on aspects of who God is that we should attempt to emulate. God is love and God is Holy, and we should STRIVE to replicate God's character in both of those areas. 

However, this week, we'll be focusing on part of God's character that we should NOT attempt to emulate - His Sovereignty. That term basically just refers to the fact that God is in Control of everything. And in our sinful nature, we desire to be in control like God, but our study of God's character in this area should drive us to the opposite extreme. 

There are certain aspects of who God is that, instead of copying, we should LEAN IN to the results of His character instead. For instance, God is All-Powerful, so we should NOT attempt to become all-powerful ourselves, but instead learn to DEPEND ON HIS STRENGTH. 

That's why our bottom line for tonight is this:

God is in Control: Trust His Plan. 

We have a King who controls the universe - nothing happens that surprises Him! He is in control of everything that happens, even the things that seem to not make sense. 

But we also have a King who cares. He deeply cares for His creation, and He has set a plan in motion that will rescue His people and this world from the devastating effects of sin - but in the meantime, the pain we experience is a reminder that WE ARE NOT HOME YET. 

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  1. What was the bottom line for tonight? 
  2. What does it mean that God is THE KING? 
  3. What does it mean that God is the THE KING WHO CARES? 
  4. What is something in your life that doesn't make sense? That you wonder why it is happening?
  5. What is something you want to do this week to enable you to trust that God is in control of that circumstance? 
  6. PARENT - Share a time when you felt like your life was out of control, but God did something amazing with it. You might be in the middle of that hard time - express your discomfort with the present but your desire to learn to trust God through this difficult season.