A Different Sunday Morning for Students (and Parents)

Parental Guidance Required

For Parents

We talk all the time about how we're trying to PARTNER WITH PARENTS to raise kids who love Jesus. 

On Sunday, David Whiting will be continuing in his series Parental Guidance Required but this week is all about Parenting Teenagers. 

Chances are, if you read this blog, you have a SIGNIFICANT INTEREST in how to raise teenagers! So for parents, we would recommend, DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO IN ORDER TO BE AT YOUR CAMPUS THIS SUNDAY AM! 

We all have good intentions of watching the sermon after the fact...but how's the follow-through usually go? This sermon matters for your life and the future of your students - BE THERE! 

For Students

This is the first time your church is going to ask you to come to church, and then force you to skip the sermon to hang out with your friends. Do we really even need to say anything else?! 

We want your parents to be able to focus. Sometimes, listening to a sermon about parenting with your kid sitting next to you can be intimidating... we don't want that for your parents. 

That's why, no matter what campus you attend, you'll be directed to LEAVE THE SERVICE and meet at a certain spot to head to some ALTERNATIVE plans. 

We'll talk about parents and how to interact with them some... but we're also going to have a low-key, mad-chill time hanging out. For real...you're being forced to skip church at church. This is pretty crazy, right? You don't need anything special, and it won't cost money. Just come ready to have a good time! 

This Sunday is a big one for everyone who IS or HAS a student! 

We'll see you at 9:00 or 10:30 at one of our 3 campuses!