Baptism is Obedience

Baptism is Obedience

At NYM we share a passion with you at home - and that is the passion to see students become more like Jesus and obey Him more consistently. 

You want that as a parent. We want that as a ministry. We're both convinced that obedience will result in the life that God intends for these students that we love. We BOTH want that! 

That's why we're so insistent on partnership with you as a parent. That's why our Small Group Leaders are so accessible to you. That's why we try to keep you in the loop. Because the spiritual responsibility is yours as parents, but we want to be your #1 fan and biggest ally in raising kids that love Jesus! 

That is also why we have a Student Baptism Service. 

Baptism isn't some weird religious ritual that the "super-holy" do. Baptism is the natural first-step of obedience for every person who has asked Jesus to be the forgiver of their sins and the leader of their life. It's an outward display of an inward change - And Jesus Commanded it! 

So here's the thing - if you're child is a Christ-follower and they haven't taken that step of obedience - what's holding them back? Maybe you could come up with a list of reasons, but let us ask this question: have you attempted to leverage your spiritual influence in your child's life to encourage them to take this step of obedience? 

We don't want to force students. We don't want it to be "fake". But this is an issue of obedience, and we want to take that seriously. 

Perhaps the most inspiring thing you could do for your student in regards to baptism.. is to start the baptism process yourself! You can do that by clicking HERE

What if you had a crucial conversation with your student about baptism today? 

The deadline to submit an application for baptism is May 18th! Just 2 weeks away! 

They can start the baptism process HERE

If you want to have that conversation, here are some suggested questions:

  1. Have you ever considered baptism? 
  2. What's holding you back from taking that step? 
    • If it's making the video... you don't have to make one! You can share your story live like Manny did. 
  3. What could I do to help take down that barrier? 
  4. Can we pray together about you taking that next step?