Parental Guidance Required

Sermon Series at Northridge

Here at NYM, we're all about helping parents raise students that love Jesus. We do everything we can to partner with you to help students develop an authentic faith that connects with everyday life. 

But we realize our influence is limited. We've only got a certain number of hours a year that is minimal compared to that of a parent. 

Not only that, we're convinced that God gave the responsibility of spiritual influence to parents with the guidance of the church, not the other way around. 

That's why we have this blog - to keep you in the loop about all that we're doing to help so that you can continue the conversation at home! 

On Sundays at Northridge Church David Whiting is doing a parenting series. It's FULL of amazing help in parenting, and there is NO better next step for parents of teens than to get FULLY invested in this series. 

Soon, he'll be talking ALL ABOUT raising teenagers (and we LOVE everything he's going to cover). 

Drop everything you've gotta drop to make it to this series. It's that important for the future of your students! 

Click HERE for information about attending at any of our 3 campuses tomorrow morning!