Parent Cue - May 31, 2016

Parent Cue

New 2-Week Series at NYM

This series is all about stewarding the advantages of being young as well as overcoming the disadvantages of being young. 

In this first week, we'll be zeroing in on one of the disadvantages of youth - namely, that wisdom takes time to develop and being young means... well.. you haven't had a lot of time yet! 

But at some point, you start to feel as if the older people in your life should start taking you more seriously. As if you should be over the "You'll understand when you're older" phase and start... understanding more stuff! That's when the tension with authority figures can begin. 

However, it is at this crucial stage that we are encouraging students to intentionally choose to respect, admire and seek the wisdom of older people. True wisdom comes from time and the fear of God. And thus, older Christ-followers have a lot to offer in the area of wisdom, and listening to their advice is the fastest way to overcome the inherent disadvantage that being young brings. 

Just like any of us... we have a choice who we listen to. We will be encouraging students with this idea:

You have a choice to give them a voice. 

Proverbs is full of this wisdom and Paul encourages Timothy in this same way. Listen first, learn from others and pursue wisdom. God honors that pattern! 

  1. Do you find it hard to listen to advice from other people? why or why not? 
  2. Who are some people you feel give good advice? Why them? 
  3. When is it hardest to believe that older (or old) people are giving you good advice? What topics do they seem "out of touch" with? 
  4. What are some signs that a person is wise and worth seeking advice from? 
  5. Parent: Share some people that you've gotten good advice from over the years and who you STILL get advice from.