Parent Cue - June 8, 2016

Parent Cue

We're wrapping up our series WE ARE YOUNG. 

Tonight is Move Up Night - we're going to be focusing in on 8th graders and seniors as they move into this next exciting stage of life. 

And to do that, we'll be looking at the Apostle Paul's advice to his protege Timothy about how to be a leader before people would naturally see you as a leader. 

Because we tend to view leaders as people who are experienced and older and mature - by default, we assume that is what makes a leader. 

But Paul encourages his partner in ministry in 1 Timothy 4:12 that he should be setting the example for the people he leads - and when he does that, people will follow his godly example. 

Because leadership isn't about age - it's about living a life that's worthy of being followed. 

The Bottom Line: Change their view by what you do. 

Whether your student is in 9th grade, 6th grade or 12th grade, they can set an example for other believers by what they do! 

  1. What do you think makes someone worth following? 
  2. Have you ever thought about the fact that you could lead adults by how you live? 
  3. How would you set an example in speech? In Life? In Love? In Faith? In Purity? 
  4. Which of those areas do you need the most work in before you're ready to set an example in it? 
  5. Who are some people that you look up to that are setting a good example? 
  6. Parent Share: Here are some people that I look up to. I'm following them because of their example of godliness.