Our Bad

We published our weekly Parent Cue on Wednesday morning - That's the blog designed to give you insight into what we're going to be doing and teaching at NYM that evening. 

But, unfortunately, we had a technical glitch (actually, a timing glitch) that meant the blog didn't hit your INBOX until Thursday morning (today). 

We're sorry about that. Unless you caught the blog on Facebook, we're assuming you missed it, and that puts you in a position of not knowing what we're up to, and we hate that. 

We had a GREAT night last night, and our interns did an INCREDIBLE job sharing their story in our series The Story of My Life and we're hoping that your student loved their evening with us. 

Hopefully, if you didn't catch the blog, you might've thought to check our EVENTS page, where the details for each week of program this Summer are listed. 

Regardless, we're sorry, and we hope this didn't cause too much frustration. 

Have a GREAT weekend! We'll see you on Sunday! 

If you're a Nitro Parent, 

please remember that our Registration Deadline for ROC MTN is just a little over a week away (July 22nd). Click HERE to get registered!