Parent Cue - July 20, 2016

Parent Cue

Tonight, we continue "normal" look for NYM Summer Nights. The time is the same (6:30-8:30pm)

As Usual, one group will be bussed to a nearby park to enjoy some field-type games, and the other group will be on-site, taking advantage of the gym and other aspects of the property. 

Pick-Up and drop-off will be at the Irondequoit Campus! Again, we will begin the bus loops at 6:15 for any students who are CHECKED-IN and ready to go. 

If you're wondering what's coming in the next few weeks, just check out the events page on the website HERE.

For Tonight...

Fusion will be on-site and having some NERF WARS! We'll provide the snacks and nerf blow guns! 

Nitro will be off-site (at Seneca Park). They'll be playing some field games, so come prepared to run around and have some fun! 

Reminder, we will NOT be serving Pizza during the Summer months. 

What We're Teaching

We'll be continuing our series called "The Story of My Life" - Over the Summer, each of our 5 guy interns will be sharing their personal story and how it relates to one of The Five Faith Catalysts. You can read more about those right HERE

JC Morrison will be sharing with Fusion, and as he tells his story, he'll be challenging students to Share Their Story, Because their Story Matters. 

Austen Haney will be sharing again this week, this time with Nitro. Just like last week, his bottom line will be that Christianity is not just about believing something so you can get to heaven when you die, Jesus asks you to follow Him with your life.