Serve at Northridge Church

Leaders Serve

We're convinced that those who want to lead like Jesus need to serve like Jesus. Even though He deserved to be treated with ultimate dignity and respect, Jesus chose to place Himself in situations where He was a servant. 

That's why we encourage all of our students to find a serving role on Sunday morning that enables them to put other BEFORE themselves and contribute further to the mission of making more and better disciples. 

In order to ensure that we place students in the role that fits them best, we ask everyone to fill out a S2COND SERVE application (which you can find HERE). The idea behind that name is pretty simple - we believe others are first, we're second: so we serve! 

Get involved with serving today! 


For those who attend the Irondequoit Campus...

There is a unique opportunity to get involved that requires some prep work. 

The Virtues are the group of singers/dancers that lead our K-5th Grade students in worship each week. It's a fun, energetic way to serve others each week. On August 14th right after the 2nd service in the Nitro Room that group will be holding auditions for those who would like to get involved with Virtues. 

If you would like to audition (and we think you should) you'll need to email Kristen Peden ( and she will connect you with a video that you can watch which will prepare you for the audition.