One Week - Nitro ROC MTN

Just One Week!

That's right... only 7 days until we take off for the best 3 days of the Summer! 

If you're looking for last minute details, you can always check the events page HERE

However, here are the most important facts you'll want to know: 


  • Drop-off: Friday, August 5 - 9:00am (Irondequoit Campus)
  • Pick-Up: Sunday, August 7 - by 5:00pm (Irondequoit Campus)
    • We hope to get in a little earlier than 5pm, so we'll make sure your student can call you with our precise ETA. They can use our phones, don't worry! 

Remaining Balance

If you paid the deposit of $60, then you'll owe a balance of $65. 

You can easy pay that online just by clicking HERE