High School ROC MTN Reminder


For those students who are attending High School ROC MTN 2016, IT IS THIS WEEK! 

You can always catch details like this at our events page HERE, but we wanted to list out the most important things for you to remember as you prepare: 

  • DROP-OFF: Friday, July 8 - 9:00am. Northridge Church, Irondequoit Campus. 
  • Remaining Balance: If you owe a balance, just click HERE to pay that online. Select "Remaining Balance" from the menu "Type". If you're not sure whether or not you owe a balance, contact us HERE and we'll let you know. 
  • Packing List: Found at the bottom of THIS page. However, the most important things to remember are MONEY for 1 meal on the road and a set of CLOTHES that you don't mind getting messy (or not bringing home!)
  • Pick-Up: Pick-up will be no later than 5pm on Sunday, July 10th at the Irondequoit Campus. We will have your student contact you when we are about 1 hour from the church. Please be prompt! Everyone will be tired and ready to be home (including our adults).