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You might be wondering...

Each year, we have students who are going on a retreat with us and it is their first time being away from home overnight for more than 1 night. We understand that could have some added stress or concern. 

This is compounded by the fact that our habit on NYM retreats is to have students leave their phones on Airplane Mode while they are on the retreat. There are some questions that might come up as a result of that policy that we would love to clarify. 

First, we are convinced that if students are focused on what is happening AT the retreat (instead of surfing the internet or texting friends back home), the spiritual and relational impact of the retreat will be MUCH higher. Thus, airplane mode keeps them from accessing data (and prevents texts/calls, etc)

Secondly, someone might ask, then why not just have them leave their phones at home? While that is one way we could eliminate the problem, we know that students love documenting these retreats with photos and videos, and those cameras are usually one-in-the-same with their phone. Thus, we believe airplane mode preserves the photo capability while eliminating the other distractions. 

Thirdly, some parents become concerned that airplane mode will prevent them from getting in contact with their child if they need to. Our response would be to encourage each parent to get the cell phone number of their child's SGL. We encourage leaders to keep their phones handy on retreats, and if contact is needed, it could easy be done through a small group leader. If you don't have your child's SGL's number, why not grab it at registration? 

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible about sending your student with us on a retreat. That's why we over-staff them with responsible adults and we try to keep communication as clear as possible. 

Any questions? Just reach out to us, we'll get you answers. 




  • Drop-off: Friday, August 5 - 9:00am (Irondequoit Campus)
  • Pick-Up: Sunday, August 7 - by 5:00pm (Irondequoit Campus)
    • We hope to get in a little earlier than 5pm, so we'll make sure your student can call you with our precise ETA. They can use our phones, don't worry! 

Remaining Balance

If you paid the deposit of $60, then you'll owe a balance of $65. 

You can easy pay that online just by clicking HERE