NYM Fall Schedule

Fall 2016

We want to keep you in the loop. 

In fact, that's the whole purpose of this website and blog! We hope that you'll find that, throughout the year, the questions you're asking have answers through this blog - and that the answers come in a timely fashion. If you ever are curious about what's going on, we'd love for you to make it a habit to check the Upcoming Events page or this blog to see if your question might already have an answer! 

So, in an effort to keep you in the loop, here is a brief outline of what's coming in the Fall of 2016! 

  • Wednesday, August 31 - NO NYM (We'll be using this time to train new SGLs for their role!)
  • Wednesday, September 7 - Fall Kick-Off! (Same time and place, but back to the school-rhythm - including pizza!)
  • Friday, September 23 - THE WKEND Registration Deadline 
  • Wednesday, October 5 - Parent Orientation during NYM (Read more about this below)
  • October 7-9 (FRI-SUN) - THE WKEND 2016
  • Wednesday, November 23 - No NYM (The Day before Thanksgiving)

Parent Orientation - A Change

We're doing our parent orientation a little differently this year. For the past 2 years, we've done a Parent and SGL Breakfast in September. This was designed to get the year started, introduce Parents to NYM and, most importantly, get parents and SGLs on the same page. 

However, the more we've studied other churches, we are finding that there is a higher degree of success if this "meet/greet" moment is delayed a bit in the school year. Everyone has TONS of Orientation-type meetings with the start of the school year, and NYM's orientation can easily get lost in the shuffle. Our goal is to allow the year to get rolling, and then provide ALL the necessary information for a successful rest of the year.

Plus, by having it on a Wednesday night, it allows parents to experience what a night of NYM looks like! More information about this night will come as we get closer. 

Don't worry - if you want to know more about your child's SGL, we'll have information on our website about them AND we'll be sending business cards with info home with your student. Plus, you could always just come in to NYM some night as you drop off your student and MEET the SGL!