How You Can Pray For Us: ROC MTN 2016

ROC MTN 2016

At this point, ROC MTN 2016 is well underway! We're having a great time, but we need your prayers. 

Lots of time goes into planning these events, and we want them to be tons of fun! But more than that, we want them to be spiritually beneficial. That's where prayer comes into play! As parents, we know that you want to see your student make spiritually significant decisions this weekend too. So you would join us in prayer in these specific ways this weekend? 

Prayer Requests:

  • That our leaders and team would be full of energy and ready to meet each student where they are spiritually and relationally
  • That our speakers (JC Morrison and Alex Randolph) would speak clearly and passionately from God's Word
  • That students would have a TON of fun and stay safe in the midst of our activities
  • That God would use the bridges of fun that we are creating to create spiritually significant moments in Small Group Time
  • That students would grow in their faith and that students would place their faith in Jesus for the first time this weekend

Here's What We're Teaching:

Our Theme for the Weekend is Into the Wilderness: Next Steps in Faith. We'll be tracking through the book of Exodus as the people of Israel follow God's leading into a place they would never expect to go - only to discover that God had always been at work behind the scenes. 

In our everyday lives, God is calling us to next steps - and we're convinced that God is also at work behind the scenes in those small decisions to make us more like Him! 

Here's What We're Up To:

Today, we've got things like this planned: 

  • Kayaking/Canoeing in the Lake
  • Messy Games! 
  • Bonfires
  • Free time (with a Zip Line, pool, etc)
  • Multiple Chapel Sessions with Small Group Time 
  • FOOD
  • And lots more!