Parent Cue - September 14, 2016

Parent Cue

We're kicking off a new 3 week series called IN OTHER WORDS. 

In this series, we'll be defining key words that Christians use without necessarily knowing what they mean. 

Tonight, we'll be focused on the word SALVATION. 

Salvation is a word that means TO SAVE or RESCUE, but more importantly than what it means, is what it implies. If someone needs to be SAVED... it means, there is a PROBLEM. And if someone CAN be saved... it means there is a PROBLEM-SOLVER. 

Our problem is SIN. And our problem-solver (our Savior) is Jesus. We'll be emphasizing passages from the New Testament that describe our need for salvation and how it comes ONLY by grace through faith in Jesus. We're praying that students place their faith in Jesus for the first time tonight! 

The Bottom Line - Salvation: It's for Everyone (Including You)

Students are processing faith all the time, and we don't want them to be turned off to Christianity just because there are words they don't understand or concepts they can't seem to grasp. 

So, we're going to always strive to teach important (and deep) things about God, but try to do it in a way that is approachable and understandable. 

The heart of this series is to ensure that our students are given CLEAR opportunities to understand their need for Jesus and to respond. 

How about you? Have you placed your faith in Jesus as your forgiver and leader? There is no more important decision you could make for YOUR future or for the future of your student than to do that today. 

These questions are designed to get the conversation rolling (maybe on the way home from NYM). Think of them as a STARTING PLACE, not as a formula to be followed. 

  1. What was the main idea you heard tonight? 
  2. What does the word SALVATION mean? (Answer: To SAVE or RESCUE)
  3. Why do people even need to be saved? 
  4. Who saves people? How do they do that? (Answer: Jesus, through His death which takes the punishment for our sins)
  5. Have you "been saved"? 
  6. Tell the story of when you placed your faith in Jesus... that is the moment when you were SAVED from the penalty of your sin!