Parent Night - YOU'RE INVITED!


Bring Your Own Parent

We want you there! On Wednesday, October 5th (just over 2 weeks away) we are inviting all NYM Parents to join us for a night of NYM! 

That's Right - It's like bring your Kid to Work day. Except the Opposite. And way cooler. 

The whole purpose of this night is for you to meet and get to know your child's SGL (Small Group Leader). We are convinced they are the key to you enjoying and benefitting from NYM's programming, and we want to make it easy to get in touch and STAY in touch with them. 

So we want you to come to NYM! 

Here's how it's gonna work: 

Just like normal, the night will run from 6:30-8:30pm at the Irondequoit Campus. 

We'll hang out in the beginning (just like the students), then head into the SMC for a time of worship and announcements together. 

Then, while your student listens to a message, you'll head out with the other parents and the SGLs to another room to hear from Joe and Aaron (our fearless leaders), and then have an opportunity to GET TO KNOW your SGL! 

We'll have free pizza and lots of fun (just like normal)!   

But My Group is on Wednesday! 

We thought you might say that! Our group coaches are on board with this event, and they'd hate for you to miss this opportunity! Here are their ideas for alternative plans for your Community Group: 

  1. Still have group for those who don't have students in NYM (you know your group well enough to know if this is possible). 
  2. Have a casual meal together for those in your group that don't have students in NYM (a little less pressure for those 'left behind')
  3. Move group to another night for 1 week
  4. Plan a lunch together after church on Sunday, October 2 and discuss the sermon then!

There is NO RSVP necessary! Just show up, and we'll do the rest. 

Can't wait to see you then!  

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