Parent Cue - September 21, 2016

Parent Cue

Inside jokes are only funny when you're on the inside. And sometimes at church, it can feel like one long running inside joke if you don't understand the words that are getting thrown around. In this series, we're attempting to define some key words that can help familiarize people with what we're all about. 

Tonight, we're talking about the word BELIEVE. It can mean a lot of things to different people, but we tend to think of it as basically "agreeing with a set of facts." That is a correct definition, but it's not the whole picture. BELIEF doesn't end when you agree - it's just beginning. 

The two essential components of believing are ACCEPTING a set of facts as true, but then SURRENDERING your life to those same facts. Belief is seen at the intersection of what we say we THINK and what we then choose to DO. 

In other words,

The Bottom Line: To believe is to ACCEPT and SURRENDER. 

WE want students to understand that God calls us to believe things that are true - things like the fact that Jesus is God's Son, that we are sinners who can't pay our sin debt, that Jesus is alive, etc. 

But we also want students to see that just because they AGREE with those facts, doesn't mean they believe. Until those truths have sunk into their heart to the point that they LIVE as a RESULT of those facts, they haven't yet believed. 

Here is one way you could start the conversation: 

  1. What word did you talk about tonight? (Answer: Believe)
  2. What does it mean to believe something? 
  3. What are some things you believe are true? 
  4. How does that affect the way you live? 
  5. Do you think it's harder for you to ACCEPT the truth or SURRENDER your life to the truth? 
  6. Parent: Tell about the time in your life when you first believed in Jesus and it began to change your life.


Two weeks from tonight (October 5th) is our BYOP Night! We want all parents to attend! It's Bring your own parent Night! Information HERE