Parent Cue - September 7, 2016

Parent Cue

We're back! Fall Kick-Off is tonight from 6:30-8:30pm. DO NOT MISS IT! 

If this is your FIRST PARENT CUE, then here's why we write these each week... 

We want you to know WHAT we're teaching, challenge and sharpen your thinking as a parent and then give you starter questions that you could ask your student on the way home from NYM. They're a launchpad to give you some insight, not a REQUIRED list of questions. Faith doesn't become genuine through 2 hours a week of hanging out with friends. It's made genuine when it connects AT HOME and everywhere else! That's where PARENTS come in to play!  

We're Teaching This

Tonight is all about our Mission at NYM. We're going to be telling students what we're all about (More and Better Disciples) and what we want for them (an authentic faith that connects with everyday life). 

Basically, we're re-introducing the main thing. We talk about it a lot... but we can't ever overstate it, and we want to start the year off on the right foot. We're all about making more and better disciples. 

Think About This

When it comes to program each week, we have a specific goal. These 2 hours serve a purpose as we make more and better disciples! We tell our SGLs (Small Group Leaders) that Wednesday nights are all about ACCEPT and CHALLENGE. We want to accept students as they are, and challenge them to take their next step. 

Why Accept? No one wants to be rejected. Even if they wouldn't say it, no one like rejection. And we're convinced that we have the strongest voice in the life of others when we start with a foundation of love, trust and acceptance. That doesn't mean we approve of every decision a person has made (not even close). But every student needs to know we love them, and accept them wherever they find themselves on a given Wednesday night. 

Why Challenge? Because we have an obligation to help students grow! That's our goal! So when we have a foundation of acceptance, we can use that credibility we've earned to have students re-evaluate their present path, and see how they could make adjustments to better please God. 

Ask This

mall groups are going to be focused on just getting to know each other. We won't be going "too deep" on the first week - so these questions will be a little more general! 

  1. Who is your SGL (Small Group Leader)? 
  2. Were there any new people there tonight? 
  3. What was your favorite part of NYM tonight? 
  4. What would you say is the GOAL of NYM? (Hint: More and Better!)