Departure Day!

Departure Day for Middle School! 

Today is the day! We're off! 

Please arrive at the Irondequoit Campus by 6:00pm (2052 Saint Paul St., Rochester, NY). Drop-off will be by the gym doors. Parents should come inside and ensure that all registration details are in place before heading out. 

If you have not paid your remaining balance, you may do so HERE

The information you should need about Snow Camp in general can be found HERE

Due to the weather, we recommend sending some clothes/shoes that can get muddy - their favorite pair of Nikes and Christmas Gift t-shirt is probably not the best decision this weekend. We also recommend a trash bag (or 2) that dirty clothes/shoes could be put in - nobody likes mud inside their suitcase and on their toothbrush. 

On Sunday...

Please be at the Irondequoit Campus to pick up your student by 3:00pm! 

We'd love your prayers! Our hope is that this weekend forges relationships and encourages faith in your students. Thanks for the chance to create this environment!