Parent Cue - January 25, 2017

Parent Cue

Remember, if you want your student to attend Flower City Work Camps 2017, all applications, checks and references are due TONIGHT! Click HERE to download a student application. 

Here's What We're Teaching:

We are in our LAST week of the series I AM N, exploring issues related to the persecuted church. Hopefully last week was an "eye-opening" experience for your student as we changed the format of the night to reflect how our brothers and sisters around the world might feel about church. 

You might remember that we've asked multiple questions throughout this series so far. 

Week 1 - Do you feel their pain? (Designed to create sympathy and awareness)

Week 2 - Will you let them stand alone? (Designed to galvanize prayer and action)

In our 3rd and final week of this series, we'll be asking one final question, and it's our bottom line: 

Will you follow their example? 

The bulk of our teaching time will be focused on recounting stories of brothers and sisters who have given their life or suffered greatly for their faith. We're going to walk through the thousands of years of Christian history, highlighting people from every era that have RISKED EVERYTHING to boldly proclaim their faith. 

The question for us today is will we follow their example? Will we choose to risk something minimal (jokes, social pressure, embarrassment) to be obedient, knowing that we are following in the footsteps of those who have given their LIVES for the same cause? 

Or will we allow fear to control our hearts. 

If you want a sample of the kind of story we'll be sharing, you can search The Foxes Book of Martyrs and read about these brave brothers and sisters throughout history. 

Ask This:

  1. What question did they push you to answer tonight? (Answer:Will you follow their example?)
  2. Which stories that you heard connected with you most? Why is that? 
  3. Were you surprised by anything that you heard? Why is that? 
  4. What did learning about how much those people have risked make you feel about being a Christian in our world today? 
  5. What do you think YOU risk by being bold and obedient in your faith? 
  6. Will you follow their example of bold obedience? How can I help? 
  7. Parent: Share a story of when YOU have had to boldly obey in the workplace, despite pushback from a boss or co-workers. Sharing a failure in this area is ok too!