Parent Cue - January 4, 2017

Parent Cue

Tonight is a PARTY NIGHT! We're having a Pajama Pillow Party Night, and we're (honestly) so excited to wearing PJs to work! 

Here's what your student will want to bring: 

  1. A Friend
  2. A Pair of PJs! They should wear some (modest) Pajamas. Creativity is encouraged!
  3. A Pillow - What's a pillow fight without a pillow?! 
  4. An appetite for Cereal (LOTS of cereal)

Here's a Pro Tip: Is it 80% likely that your student will lose/forget their pillow at some point during the night, and that Spongebob pillow case is NOT as unique as you might think it is. We recommend you write their name on the tag of the pillow so that we know which family to return the pillow to next week. (Just saying)

Also, if you're nervous about your student getting the pillow dirty or losing it (and you probably should be), sending their favorite pillow with the cashmere pillow case might not be ideal. 

Tonight will be awesome. Thanks for letting us partner with you to raise students who love Jesus!

If you're ever wondering about WHY do we Party Nights, you can read this blog HERE