Parent Cue- October 17, 2017

Parent Cue


This is our final week of our series "We Are NYM

We're Teaching this:

This week we will continue our series "We Are NYM". This series is designed to walk students through our five values and show why we do what we do every week. Tonight Devin Graf and Joe Ferrante will be teaching on the value of Invite. At Northridge church, our outreach strategy is Pi2 (Pray, Invest, Invite). We've seen God move in HUGE ways through this strategy throughout the past few years as He's grown our church in amazing ways. We see this strategy played out in our student ministry as well! We are constantly challenging our students to be praying for their friends, investing in those relationship and looking to invite them to take a next step towards Christ.

Bottom Line: We are all missionaries.

Ask This:

  1. Can you think of a time when you were invited to take a next step in your faith? 
  2. When you think of inviting someone to take a next step, what's the first thing you think of?
  3. Who are you thinking of right now that you feel God laying on your heart to invite to take a next step?
  4. How can you be praying for this person?
  5. How/When will you ask that person?
  6. How does the truth in Matthew 28:18-20 empower you to invite your friends to take next steps?



We have our first Party Night NEXT WEEK, October 25 from 6:30-8:30 PM. Students will be wearing their favorite flannel to enjoy our beautiful Rochester Fall Weather!

For those of you who might be a new NYM parent, you might be wondering... why do they randomly have parties on a normal night of youth group? That's a really good question. Here's our thinking about why regularly scheduled parties are helpful during the school year: 

  1. Mix It Up - When we moved to Wednesday Nights, we gained nearly 12 more weeks of youth group nights during the course of the school year. While that is amazing for regularity, we realized it could have the potential to represent some level of boredom from being monotonous or repetitive. So, throwing a party in every once in a while ensures that we don't get into a "same old, same old" routine for the students. 
  2. Jump Back In - We intentionally scheduled a number of these parties right after a break in our schedule for a holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas) or after a week of Youth Group that we expect might be low in attendance (Spring Break, etc). This way, it gives us a really easy way to get students excited to jump back in after making taking a week (or a lot more than a week) off from attending Nitro or Fusion. 
  3. Come With Me - By creating a regular night in the schedule that won't have small groups, music or a talk, we figured that it would make invitation really easy every once in a while. Students can reach out to a friend with full confidence that wherever they stand spiritually, this is going to be a stress-free night of having fun. 
  4. Have Some Fun - Fun builds bridges to relationship. An SGL (Small Group Leader) can spend 2 continuous hours having fun and creating memories with students during a party night - that's VALUABLE INVESTMENT TIME that will pay dividends when the right moment for a significant conversation roles around. 

Thank you!!!

Thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to BYOP. We had a blast getting to know you and seeing you connect with your student's small group leaders!