Parent Cue - October 24, 2017

Parent Cue


Tonight is a PARTY NIGHT. 

It's fall, which means there's no better to drink apple cider NYM! We use party nights to connect relationally, which means we'll have a whole night of games and hang out time to allow those relationships to keep growing. 

There's a few things we want to happen on nights like tonight.

We hope to throw a party where:

  • Students can continue to build friendships with their peers in their small group
  • Leaders can have a whole night just to invest in their students and get to know them better on a personal level
  • New students will feel connected and have a chance to get to know other students & leaders in a low-pressure environment

At NYM, we don't do life alone because we believe that we grow spiritually when we are connected to others who are growing spiritually. The greatest hope for a student to know God is to know people who know God! 

So tonight, make sure your student rocks their favorite flannel and we'll take care of the rest! We will have pizza and drinks, as well as some fall-themed snacks. See you there!