High School: Student Leadership

Hi Parents! 

Last week, we told high school students about Student Leadership. Student leadership is something we've done in the past and are starting up again! 

Student leadership is an opportunity for regularly attending NYM students to have a chance to grow outside of Wednesday nights. The way we've been talking about student leadership to them is "an opportunity to grow in your faith, by leading others to grow in their faith."

That's the idea! Leadership is influence, and student leadership is an opportunity for spiritually mature students to use their influence on other students. 

If your student is in 10-12th grade, and interested in serving as a student leader, they can find the application HERE. The deadline for this application is November 8

The questions below will help you have a better understanding of student leadership:


What do student leaders do?

Student Leaders are students that are serious about their spiritual growth, desire to grow in their ability to influence others, and aren't afraid to work hard in serving others. 

Responsibilities include:

  • attending monthly leadership meetings (near the Irondequoit campus)
  • mentoring a younger student
  • serving on Wednesday nights at NYM in various roles as needed
  • completing assignments based on Christian leadership 

What are the requirements to be on student leadership? 

Student leadership is for students who are regular attenders at NYM, spiritually mature, and show leadership ability among their peers. 

Students interested in student leadership will need to complete at turn in the student leadership application. If selected to join, student leaders will also need to maintain a godly lifestyle in their personal lives. 

When is the application due? 

Applications are due November 8 at NYM. 


There you go! 

Let us know any questions you have about student leadership!