The Wkend Retreat: Day 1

We Made It!!!!


The final van (of the 100 vehicle caravan) has pulled into Saranac Village and we're SO PUMPED we are finally here! It has been go-time since the second we arrived at the camp!

The moment students pulled up, they were rushed to the club room for an Opening Rally. Once we rallied and got pumped up for about 30 minutes, we had a time of hanging out in the Game Room where students had the opportunity to connect relationally and stuff their faces with some good food from the Snack Shack. We are heading to our cabins around midnight tonight to start winding down. Tomorrow we will start our day bright and early around 8:30 AM.

Our Series for The Wkend:

Justin will be leading us through a series called Different. Our goal for the weekend is that students would see what it truly means to follow Christ. Being a follower of Christ means we have been SET APART. We stand out from the world. The Sermon on the Mount will guide these talks and small group time. Justin will show us in God's word that being different will change the way we THINK, ACT, LIVE and GIVE. Joe Ferrante will close out the weekend on Monday by showing us in God's word that we are challenged to LEAVE differently than how we came into the weekend. We're excited and wait expectantly to see the life change that will take place from what God is going to do through this time!

Be on the lookout for another blog tomorrow talking about some of the fun and exciting things that will be happening up here in the Adirondacks!!