The Wkend Retreat: Day 2

The Wkend: Day 2


We'll be starting our day around 8:30 AM to get things rolling. We begin the first session of our series called Different.

Session 1

This morning, Justin is walking through Matthew 5:1-11. This is one of the most famous portions of Jesus's Sermon on the Mount: The Beatitudes. Jesus sets a new tone for how followers of Him are to live. "Blessed are the poor in Spirit..." "Blessed are those who mourn..." "Blessed are the meek..." WHAT?!? Those must have been some crazy things coming out of Jesus's mouth at that time. He was turning culture upside down. He still continues to do that in our lives today! We want students to see that before we can act differently, we have to think differently.

Bottom Line: When you think about God rightly, you'll begin to live differently.

Session 2

We'll be jumping right back into God's word where we left off in Matthew 5:13-16. This is the portion of Jesus's Sermon on the Mount where he is speaking of believers being the Salt and Light of the world. We want students to be challenged to really see themselves as salt and light in the world. One way Justin will illustrate this idea of being the salt of the earth is by getting a student to come up on stage and asking that student to taste a portion of salt. Once that student tastes the salt, they will give their experience-- "EW! That's way too salty!" We'll keep that student up on stage and Justin will then pour water over the same amount of salt tasted. Justin will then as the student to try the salt now and give their experience-- "I can't really taste it. It just tastes like water?" THIS is what happens when we lose our saltiness. The things of this world can often drown out and dilute our ability to be salty We want them to see that the only way they can truly be salty is by spending time with Jesus and allowing him to make them look more like himself.

We are so thankful for parents who pray and we can't wait to see what God through your prayers!